Educational event for the 31st anniversary of the Independence Day of Ukraine

14.10.2022 | 19:58

October 7, 2022 for students of the educational programs “Public management and administration”, “Personnel management in public authorities and business structures” (departments of economics and public administration), students of the UFP-32s group (group advisor: associate professor Andriy Tabachuk) organized an educational event for the 31st anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine.

This year, each public holiday has a special meaning for each of us.

More than ever, we feel so acutely the meaning of the word “independence”, which we had, are and will be!

No one has the right to take it away from us, because Ukrainians cannot be broken.

To celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine, students of bachelor’s and master’s levels of education (Departments of Economics and Public Administration of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management) held an educational event in the format of an online meeting.

Graduates of the 3rd course, Halyna Heynak and Iryna Verzun, prepared a presentation on various topics related to this important day for our country: the history of its origin (the adoption of the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of Ukraine); celebrations in different parts of the country; celebrations outside Ukraine (Brussels, Chicago); interesting facts about Independence Day of Ukraine.

Joint viewing of the documentary film “What is hiding the Independence of Ukraine?” was also held. After watching, students had the opportunity to discuss the watched film. Through the prism of time, every participant was able to feel the importance of this event and this significant day, not only for Ukraine at that time but also for today.