Educational event for Mother’s Day

13.05.2021 | 09:46



“The hand that swings the cradle is the hand that holds the world.”

William Ross Wallace


12.05.2021 teachers of the Department of Economics and Public Administration (Assoc. Prof. Kaplenko H., Assoc. Prof. Pak N., Tabachuk A.) together with students of groups UFP-12s, UFP-22s and FLU-34s educational event dedicated to Mother’s Day. The theme of the educational event “The most sacred word” mother “.

Mother’s Day is one of the most touching holidays. From childhood to his last days, every person carries in his soul a unique and unique image – the image of his mother, who, as always, understands everything, forgives, always pities and will love no matter what.

The happiness and beauty of motherhood have been celebrated since ancient times by outstanding artists and poets. And it is no coincidence that the degree of culture and well-being of society can be determined by how much a woman who raises children is respected in the state. Happy children grow up in a friendly family and under the care of a happy mother.

The purpose of the educational event is to educate the nearest person on the Earth, deepening the feeling of gratitude for care; fostering respect for the mother.