Educational event. «A person does not die. A person lives as long as they are remembered». Honoring the memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

23.03.2023 | 13:12

Нам невідомі всіх їх імена,

Хто їх чекає, хто за ними плаче,

Де їхній дім, як їм болить війна,

Яке в них серце – щире чи терпляче.

On February 22, Ukrainians honour the memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred – true patriots who fought for a free, democratic, strong Ukraine, giving the most precious thing they had – their lives.

On February 22, 2023, students of educational programs of the speciality 281 Public management and administration of the Department of economics and public management and teachers held an educational event. After classes, we made an Angel – a symbol of the Heavenly Hundred. In the evening, they had an online educational event about Krut’s heroes, the Maidan’s heroes, and those who defended Ukraine during a full-scale invasion.

Today, Ukrainians again show their strength and courage by fighting for their independence. We gathered to commemorate the events of the past and our ancestors. We also remember to honour the memory of today’s heroes who are fighting for you and us and peace in Ukraine. We recognise everyone who fought for independence and is still fighting today. We all know it is impossible to win easily, but we believe victory will come soon. So while history is being made – we live!

Today, in the war conditions in Ukraine, we should more often remember the fateful events that symbolised the struggle for freedom and dignity. On January 29, Ukraine commemorates the heroes of Krut – Ukrainian students who, at the cost of their lives, stopped the Bolshevik attack on Kyiv in 1918. The Revolution of Dignity became the largest protest in the recent history of Ukraine, the struggle of Ukrainian citizens for their rights and a democratic European choice. Maidan ceased to be the name of the area. Instead, he became a symbol of Freedom. That is why the Revolution of Dignity, like the protest movement of 2004 and the Revolution on Granite, can be considered a continuation of the Ukrainian Revolution, the liberation struggles of the Second World War.

Euromaidan entered the history of Ukraine as a symbol and example of sacrifice, patriotism and heroism. He once again confirmed that in the most critical and essential periods of our history, heroes would be willing to sacrifice their lives for the future of Ukraine as an independent democratic state.

The Revolution of Dignity proved that Ukrainians chose the path to Europe and were ready to fight for it, defending their rights and freedoms. In the world, Ukraine began to be perceived as a state with its own identity, history and dignity, capable of protecting sovereignty.

The Heavenly Hundred and brave Ukrainian soldiers died not only for Ukraine. They laid down their heads for us to occupy a worthy place in the family of European nations. No nation has paid such a high price for the right to be European since the Second World War.

A person does not die. A person lives as long as they are remembered. We are sure: the people who fell under the bullets in those cold autumn and winter days and nights will live in our memory forever, at least in the memory of those of us who are Ukrainians not only by passport but by spirit and consciousness, who aspire to live in a free, democratic Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to heroes!