Discussion of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Management”

22.04.2021 | 16:02

The strategy of higher education reform envisages the creation of a system of monitoring and continuous improvement of the quality of higher education that meets the recommendations and standards of the European Higher Education Area, takes into account world best practices and is the main technology for meeting the education system’s needs.

The key task of such a reform is to involve external and internal stakeholders in the development, review and monitoring of educational programs. On April 21, 2021, a regular meeting of applicants for the master’s degree in specialty 281 “Public Administration and Administration” of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Management” and faculty to discuss the quality of disciplines and proposals for their content. Active involvement of internal stakeholders to improve the quality of educational services is now becoming a necessity.

In order to, in addition to discussion and monitoring, online inquiries of stakeholders are conducted on the website of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management, Faculty of Finance and Business Management, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv on the quality of the educational program and the quality of educational activities. Suggestions and recommendations on the content of the educational and professional programs of educational components can be sent to the email address: hanna.komarnytska@lnu.edu.ua, pamb.dep.financial@lnu.edu.ua