Cooperation with stakeholders in the educational program “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures”

13.06.2022 | 14:29

On May 27, students of the Faculty of Financial and Business Management, namely the program “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures” (Department of Economics and Public Administration) had the opportunity to present their team projects for the first time.

Second-year students and some third-year students worked with mentors.

A total of 6 projects were presented to the jury: teams developed programs to support the moral health and well-being of employees, researched the development environment of companies and individual professional development plans, engaged in psychological support programs during the war and organized hybrid work in the company.

Many mentors who took the time to work with students in the turbulent months after the start of the war are to be thanked: Dmitry Frolov (FareHarbor); Constantine Mizgirov (PUMB); Irina Virga (SoftServe); Maria Drebot (JustAnswer Ukraine); CathaRina Lebedynska (HR, career counselor); Ihor Kurii (EVNE Developers).

The cluster invited the best HR specialists in the field, including co-authors of the bachelor’s program in HR Management: Nataliya Kuba (Center of Learning Excellence SoftServe), Natalia Kolyadko (Head of People, EPAM Ukraine), as well as Ostap Malaniuk (devabit) and Maria Ishchenko (HR in R&D EPAM Ukraine).

Thank you to the mentors and the jury for their cooperation!