Cooperation with stakeholders and employers. Participation of teachers of the Department of Economics and Public Administration in the Regional Congress of Territorial Communities of Lviv Oblast

09.04.2023 | 18:44

On 03/23/2023, the dean of the Faculty of Finance and Business Andriy STASYSHYN, the head of the Department of Economics and Public Administration Halyna KAPLENKO, the professor of the Department of Economics and Public Administration Halyna VOZNYAK took part in the Regional Congress of Territorial Communities of Lviv Oblast.

The participants were more than half a hundred heads of territorial communities, as well as the head of the Lviv RMA Maksym Kozytskyi, his first deputy Andriy Godyk, the deputy head of the RMA Yury Buchko and representatives of the structural subdivisions of the administration, as well as representatives of territorial communities of the Lviv region.

The event was held to establish effective communication between the heads of territorial communities and jointly discuss issues important to the communities.

The event was moderated by the head of the Lviv regional branch of the All-Ukrainian Association of United Territorial Communities “Association of United Territorial Communities” Vasyl Koval.

Last year was very difficult for everyone. Despite this, Lviv region showed that we are united. After all, the enemy can be defeated only together. Over the course of the year, the state and its communities faced many new challenges related to mobilization, logistics, shelter of IDPs, and at the same time, other processes continue – road repairs, opening of social institutions, etc. Therefore, you need to learn to set new priorities, not forgetting the old ones, to work in your communities. Transparency, lack of corruption, honesty of relations, communication and understanding are those postulates that do not change depending on the circumstances.

Among the main tasks that the heads of communities of Lviv Oblast set before themselves are business support and more jobs with a decent salary, more services in health centers in the communities of the region, improvement of the quality of medical services and conditions for education, development of science and technology, extracurricular activities, sports, patriotic education children and youth.

It was a great opportunity to discuss the training of the young generation of officials for local self-government bodies under the educational programs of the Department of Economics and Public Administration, specialty 281 Public Management and Administration, areas of cooperation with the University, and educational programs of the department.

“We will be able to achieve success in training in-demand specialists only if we act unitedly – the University together with stakeholders and potential employers. It is important to us that the educational process in the specialty “Public Management and Administration” is formed and developed in accordance with European standards, therefore the opinion of our stakeholders is important. After all, Ukraine’s membership in the EU is only a matter of time. We have to be ready. – noted the dean of the faculty Andrii STASYSHYN.