Cooperation with stakeholders.

05.04.2023 | 02:55

Students of 2-4 years of the Educational Program “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures” (specialty 281 Public Management and Administration) received an invitation from our stakeholders – the Lviv IT Cluster – to participate in a practical event.

On March 17, 2023, Folyush Maria, Klimkiv Roksolana, Osyko Lev, Felestin Oresta, Zlupko Anastasia, Svitlyk Yuliana, Patskan Karina, Osyka Bohdana, Zagakailo Marta, Ambriz Artur were participants in the First IT Meets: Talent conference. The event was dedicated to working in times of challenges, improving processes within the company, supporting the mental health of employees and the main trends in the HR sphere in 2023.

The conference gathered more than 200 participants, including: Chief People Officers, People Partners, recruiters, brand managers, HR marketers, community managers, HR generalists and other HR specialists.

Leading HR specialists, CEOs of companies, managers of volunteer areas, legal experts and others became the speakers of the conference.

Key insights from IT Meets: Talent:

👉 The war takes a lot of resources, and no matter how much we take care of ourselves, we are tired. Therefore, companies should continue to take care of the mental health of employees. It is important that HR professionals create an environment where employees can talk about their experiences without judgment. Volodymyr Stanchyshyn, psychotherapist.

👉 Transparency and openness to employees is the basis for trust. We hold regular “all hands” meetings, where we openly talk about the situation in the business of our partners and within the company. Maryana Horlach, CEO of Blackthorn Vision.

👉 Salary research will help companies stay competitive, properly budget projects and plan hiring accordingly. They will help to form decent salaries for employees and prevent staff turnover. Yaryna Wozniak, head of the Lviv IT Cluster research team.

👉 A business can develop its employer brand through volunteering. Companies that help bring Ukraine’s victory closer attract and retain talent more effectively. Now when a candidate comes in for an interview, they ask how the company is involved in winning. Olga Cheh, Head of the “Sombra for Ukraine” foundation.