Conducting organizational discussions for students of the UFO-11s group by the group advisor, associate professor N.O. Loboda.

21.09.2022 | 23:12

On September 19, 2022, associate professor Loboda N.O. – the adviser of the UFO-11c group, on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, held an organizational discussion for first-year students on the following topics:

Technical consultation on the use of the Teams educational platform;
Rules for using the library;
Rules of internal procedure in LNU named after Ivan Franko;
Rights and responsibilities of dormitory residents.

A questionnaire was conducted among students, information was provided about the peculiarities of studying under martial law, the organization of studying online and offline, students were introduced to the academic disciplines of the 1st semester of 2022/2023 AD, and the election of the headmaster.

On September 20, 2022, the adviser of the UFO-11s group, associate professor Loboda N.O. conducted an introductory lecture with her students on the rules of behavior during an “air alert”, and also jointly discussed the filling of the “Emergency Suitcase”, which should contain a basic set of things that every civilian needs to survive in any extreme situation.