Conducting an educational event on the topic: “The trident is our glory and pride” for students of the UFO-31c group

28.02.2023 | 21:51

On February 27, 2023, the adviser of the UFO-21c group, associate professor of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Control, A. Shot, held an educational event on the topic: “The trident is our glory and pride.” This year is the 31st anniversary of the establishment of the state symbol. A golden trident on a blue background can be found on UPA leaflets, the coat of arms of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and on the clothes of protesters against the Soviet regime.

The trident has a thousand-year history. In ancient times, it was the sign of the Rurik family, later it became the coat of arms of the Ukrainian People’s Republic as a symbol of the unity of the Ukrainian lands. In the 20th century, the trident symbolized the struggle of Ukrainians for independence and was banned by the Soviet government.

On June 24, 1991, a competition for the creation of the State Coat of Arms was announced. The jury considered more than 200 options, among which 192 contained different images of the trident. The competition was won by the work of historian-heraldist Andrii Grechyl and artist Ivan Turetsky in the style of Prince Volodymyr, because it was he who united Ukrainian lands.

For us, the Ukrainian trident represents the connection of generations, the people’s desire for their own statehood. By choosing the sign of Volodymyr the Great as a national symbol, Ukrainians clearly marked their own roots and the historical legal succession of our state entities.

On the chevrons of Ukrainian soldiers who protect our country from Russian aggression today, a trident is depicted again, as it was a century ago. For many centuries, our coat of arms has united Ukrainians and given us strength. It is a symbol of the state, which has gone through a long and at the same time tragic path, with which the Ukrainian people affirmed the age-old dream of statehood, cathedral unity and independence.

Let us be worthy of our history and the tasks facing the Ukrainian State today! For the modern generation of Ukrainians, the Trident is a symbol with great meaning.

It is not for nothing that the word “Will” is encrypted in it. And may the Ukrainian flag with a trident continue to fly proudly among the flags of European states as a symbol of a country that has chosen a democratic path of development!

The participants of the event listened to a number of reports, poems, and presentations in which the history of the trident as the Ukrainian coat of arms was highlighted. The quiz was also interesting, where the participants of the event demonstrated their knowledge of the history of the creation of the State Coat of Arms of Ukraine.

Summarizing the results of the event, it is worth noting that modern youth and students know the history of Ukraine, its state symbols, value freedom and independence, deeply experience full-scale aggression and believe in victory.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!