Completing the 3rd Summer School “Urban Revitalization – EU Experience for Ukraine.”

04.07.2023 | 15:48

During the week of June 23-30, the 3rd Summer School “Urban Revitalization – the EU experience for Ukraine” was held at the Faculty of Finance and Business, which is implemented as part of the Jean Monnet Module of the Erasmus+ program with the support of the EU (Urban Revitalization – the EU experience for Ukraine 620957- EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE). This year, 68 participants, including students, teachers, and public representatives from different parts of Ukraine, expressed their desire to participate in the intensive. Opening the school, Andriy Stasyshyn, Dean of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business, emphasised the relevance of its subject and the importance of using the acquired knowledge for the future reconstruction of Ukraine. The head of the Department of Financial Management, Professor Nataliya Sytnyk, wished the participants to spend the summer intensive with benefits and acquire the competencies necessary for agents of influence interested in revitalising Ukrainian cities based on European experience.

Training took place online on the Teams platform. Exciting lectures, meetings and seminars were held as part of the school program. Participants worked together to create city revitalisation projects. The summer school program offered a thorough education – students studied ten topics about urban revitalisation and had practical and seminar classes with guest lecturers and experts.

 During the week, school participants took part in virtual tours of revitalised objects. They discussed the strategy of the city of Lviv, European practices of urban revitalisation, the experience of the post-war reconstruction of Europe and the challenges that Ukraine will face shortly.

Under the leadership of the project team of associate professors Olga Sych and Vira Kruglyakova, the students chose directions for revitalisation. They created projects to transform abandoned infrastructure facilities in the territory of various settlements into centres of education, recreation, development and creativity.

Andrii Stasyshyn, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management, noted the high level of team training and the practical direction of projects that should be implemented with the close cooperation and support of local authorities, businesses, and the public. In the end, the participants of the 3rd summer school presented the results of their studies in the form of revitalisation projects. They received certificates of successful mastery of the materials of the intensive. The project team thanks the students for their interest and active participation. We wish them success in their studies and careers!