Close contact with employers is the key importance to the future successful employment of a graduates

18.05.2021 | 14:34

The key point of cooperation of the Department of Financial Management with employers is the gradual acquaintance of students with the professional world. One of the most professionally oriented institutions for graduates of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” is the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

Thus, on May 18, students of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” met with Garasymyak Olena Bohdanivna – Head of the Tax Audit Department of the State Tax Service in Lviv region. The participants of the meeting were more than 50 students of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as the head of the department of financial management prof. Sytnyk N. and associate professors Zakhidna O., Popovych D., Sych O.

During her speech, the speaker touched upon important issues of tax service reform and current changes in tax legislation. The interest of the student audience was aroused by the story about the newly created transfer pricing department, as well as the peculiarities of the tax audit of non-resident enterprises.

In particular,  Olena  Garasymyak made suggestions for improving the educational process and stressed the importance of knowledge of the basics of accounting, tax law, foreign language and the need for continuous development of a specialist in taxation and expressed the opinion that the graduate should start career and professional growth in the civil service. Is the best life experience.

Students asked questions about the possibility of internships and employment in the State Tax Service, to which they received comprehensive answers about the transparency of all procedures and details of the competition to fill vacancies in the tax authorities.

In conclusion, Olena Garasymyak offered to hold the next meeting with students in the format of “Open Day”, invited to cooperate in the framework of internships, and wished students to work on and improve  themselves for a successful career, in particular in the field of tax work .

The staff of the Department of Financial Management thanks Olena Bohdanivna for the meeting, motivation of students and cooperation in preparing students for the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”.