Civil rights and responsibilities: ensuring equality and civic participation

10.11.2023 | 23:35

To the World Day of Science in the Name of Peace and Development on 10 November 2023, within the framework of social and legal education for first (bachelor) level applicants of the OP “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” by professor of the Department of Financial Management Nazarkevych I.B. an event was held on the topic: “Civil rights and responsibilities: ensuring equality and civic participation”.

Fundamental aspects of civil rights and responsibilities were covered during the event. Students willingly participated in the discussion of the rights that people have in society and the corresponding responsibilities that they bear before this society. The importance of education and the impact of environmental changes on the system of civil rights and responsibilities in today’s dynamic world are outlined.

Civil rights and responsibilities are the cornerstone of democratic societies. They protect people from discrimination and ensure equal treatment before the law, emphasizing people’s responsibilities to society. Achieving a balance between these rights and responsibilities is critical to the functioning of a just society. As our world evolves, it is important to constantly review and adapt these principles so that they remain relevant and effective in protecting the rights and well-being of all citizens.