Career orientation work of the Department of Financial Management

03.05.2023 | 10:51

On May 2, 2023, Yu.V. Shushkova, professor of the Department of Financial Management, came to Lviv secondary school 32 for a career orientation meeting “Choosing my future profession”. During the meeting, schoolgirls had the opportunity to discuss many issues. In particular, they created a portrait of a modern teacher, discussed all the requirements for his personality, and based on this, highlighted the pros and cons of this profession. In addition, Yu.V. Shushkova in an interesting way introduced the schoolchildren to the peculiarities of the financier’s profession. They talked about the essence of finance, the range of tasks and jobs performed by a financier, the advantages of the profession and employment prospects.
In a playful way, schoolchildren learned how to properly manage their own funds, how to rationally use them and save. The schoolchildren promised to use the same recommendations for developing healthy financial habits from “today”.
At the end of the meeting, Yu.V. Shushkova wished all those present to be financially successful and invited them to study at the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of LNU named after I. Franko for the educational programs “Finance, customs and tax affairs” and “Financial management”.