Binary lecture on the discipline “Creating your own business”

22.09.2021 | 10:41

On September 21, lecturers of the Department of Financial Management Assoc. Prof. Dariya Popovych and Assoc. Prof. Olga Sych gave a binary lecture on “Organizational and legal forms of enterprises and types of their associations”. The lecture took place within the teaching of the discipline of free choice “Creating your own business” for students of the University online.

During the lecture Assoc. Prof. Dariya Popovych acquainted students with the legal basis of the operation of enterprises, their classification, organizational and legal forms, supporting the theoretical material with a thorough presentation and vivid examples.

Associate Professor Olga Sych continued to cover the issue of starting a business in the form of a sole proprietorship (individual – entrepreneur) using the functionality of the portal Action and showed an educational video on this topic. It should be noted that the discipline “Creating your own business” has a constant success among students of various specialties, which confirms its demand, and the use of innovative teaching methods allows to update students’ knowledge and form practical competencies of future professionals.