Best Practices in Accounting, Analysis and Financial Investigations

06.02.2022 | 09:30

Execution of individual work of students, in combination with lectures, practical classes and independent work is the basis for the implementation of educational components in the educational program “Accounting, Analysis and Financial Investigations”. As part of the study of the discipline “Legal Documentation” teacher of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Control LP Petryshyn was invited to the first bachelor’s degree higher education as an individual work to pass a test on the national online platform for the development of digital literacy “Action. Digital education. Dozens of educational series are available on this platform. They are all free. After watching the e-signature training series, students took a small test and received certificates.

As part of graduate education, the university should train a universal specialist in accounting and taxation, based on the achievement of higher education program learning outcomes through the introduction of such best educational practices in the educational process.