“Are the citizens of Ukraine ready to introduce accumulative pensions?”

20.03.2021 | 11:50
On March, 17 lecturers of the Department of Financial Management Prof. Sytnyk N., assoc. prof. Dubyk V., Zakhidna O, Petyk L., Popovych D. and Shushkova Yu. took part in a webinar on the topic: “Are the citizens of Ukraine ready to introduce accumulative pensions?” During the webinar, they had the opportunity to get answers to a number of current issues:

Are citizens aware of the future reduction in income?

Who is not ready to take responsibility for their own pension savings?

Which is more supported: a guaranteed state pension or the ability to inherit savings?

During the exchange of views, the seminar participants reviewed the results of a survey conducted by the Center for Socio-Economic Research CASE Ukraine on public opinion on the savings system.

According to the results of the research presented by speakers Yevhen Shulha (Development Director of CASE Ukraine), Volodymyr Dubrovsky (Senior Economist of CASE Ukraine), Mykola Malukha (Director of Public Relations of CASE Ukraine), it was found that Ukrainians still rely on the state for pensions, but are dissatisfied with the solidarity system.

The participants of the online webinar were very interested in discussing the questions: which pension system is fairer and who should provide for a person’s life in the first place?