And we will raise that red viburnum…

20.10.2022 | 12:25

On October 14, our country celebrated the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the 80th anniversary of the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Today, when Ukraine is defending its independence in a full-scale war, these memorable dates are closely intertwined, because they are united by the struggle for Ukrainian statehood.
The date of October 14 for the Day of Defenders of Ukraine was not chosen by chance. The history of this holiday has a long tradition. The protection of the Holy Mother of God was celebrated by the Cossacks, for which the holiday received a second name – Cossack Protection. The best traditions of the defenders of the past have been inherited by the fighters of the modern Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Today, for Ukrainians, the words “defender” and “defender” are not a formality or a beautiful phrase. After February 24, 2022, for all civilian citizens of Ukraine, the protection provided by our defense personnel at an incredibly high cost is what really saves from mass death, maiming, torture, imprisonment and persecution. Instead, in the temporarily occupied cities and villages of Ukraine, the Russian regime is committing crimes that the world thought were a thing of the past after the Second World War.
To honor the memory of modern defenders of Ukraine, students of the UFF-11c group of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” (advisor D. V. Popovych) laid a wreath of red viburnum at the stele on the Field of Mars. It was the red viburnum, sung in a well-known song, that became a symbol of our struggle against the Russian invaders. It was impossible to hold back tears while looking at the photos of the fallen Heroes, sometimes very young, almost the same age as first-year students.
Nowadays, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting the same enemy that the UPA fought, the same enemy that destroyed the Ukrainian Cossacks. But we firmly believe that right now this struggle must end in Victory!!! GLORY TO UKRAINE!!!