And every finish is, in fact, the start!

24.12.2021 | 13:36

Here and years of studying in a magistracy have imperceptibly passed. Applicants for the second (master’s) level of higher education at the Department of Public Administration and Business Management, Faculty of Finance and Business Management, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv successfully passed attestation exam, mock exam in the form of the only state qualifying exam and protection of qualification (master’s) work. The results of the certification were assessed by the Chairman of the State Examination Commission Koval Yaroslav Bogdanovich, Head of the Interregional Department of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service in Lviv and Zakarpattia regions and members of the commission.

On the one hand, it was another year and a half of useful acquaintances, during which you had the opportunity to continue to form a circle of your professional interests. But on the other hand – a master’s degree required a year and a half of youth, when maximalism and the desire to achieve heights simply go beyond scale.

The stages of passing tests and exams, practice and coursework have already been successfully completed, and the difficult path of professional development and formation is ahead. We wish our graduates who studied in the field of knowledge 28 “Public Administration and Administration” specialty 281 “Public Administration and Administration” OPP “Public Administration and Business Management” to find and realize themselves in the professional field.

A new page has been turned. And in front of you is a blank sheet. We hope you complete it without mistakes, as taught by your mentors.

We wish you not to lose the optimism of life and the youthful enthusiasm that accompanied you through all the years of study. Optimism, inspiration, perseverance, career achievements, personal victories, realization of plans and creative plans !!!

Be healthy and happy!