An educational event for higher education seekers of the UFP-21s of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Management” on the topic: “Ivan Yakovych Franko – a famous Ukrainian poet and scientist” (timed to celebrate the Days of the Ivan Franko University)

31.10.2022 | 13:51

“Eternal revolutionary –

The spirit that tears the body to battle,

Tears for progress, happiness and freedom,

He lives, he is not dead yet.”

“Hymn” by Ivan Franko


On October 28, 2022, as an advisor to the UFP-21s group of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Management” – Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management, Doctor of Economics, Assoc. Olga Malinovska held an educational event on the topic “Ivan Yakovych Franko – a famous Ukrainian poet and scientist”, dedicated to the celebration of Ivan Franko University Day.

During the meeting, the curator assoc. prof. O. Malinovska, together with students of higher education, discussed the life path, creative activity, political views and journalistic activity of the outstanding Ukrainian poet, novelist, playwright, literary critic, publicist, scientist, public and political figure Ivan Yakovych Franko.

A student of the UFP-21s group, Ushtvan Yuliya, prepared and presented a presentation about the colossal literary work of the writer, published in Ukrainian, Polish, German and other languages, which includes several thousand works with a total volume of more than 100 volumes. In addition, Ivan Franko is considered one of the first professional Ukrainian writers whose literary work was a source of income.

The multifaceted and ambiguous character of Ivan Franko has been attracting the research interest of Ukrainian and foreign scientists for many years, because as a scientist, literary critic, linguist and art critic, as well as an ethnologist, folklorist, historian, economist and philosopher, Ivan Yakovych made an invaluable contribution to the development of not only Ukrainian science and literature, but also domestic state-building processes.

Interesting facts from the life and work of Ivan Franko caused a lively discussion among the students of the UFP-21s group. It is believed that Ivan Franko was the founder of fashion, because both on weekdays and on holidays he wore Ukrainian embroidered dresses (of which the writer had countless) with a classic European suit, he spoke more than 19 languages, had more than 100 pseudonyms, at the age of 37 defended his doctoral thesis, was the owner of a large personal library (over 12,000 books). Due to his political beliefs and revolutionary views, he was arrested four times, and despite this, he remained an indomitable representative of the elite of that time, a luminary of science, a Ukrainian patriot and a fighter for freedom, whose fame reached and reaches far beyond the borders of Ukraine.