Academic integrity in higher education institutions

02.12.2021 | 17:39

On December 1, 2021, a guest lecture-meeting of  Yevhenia Moskalevych was held on the MS Teams platform on the topic: “ACADEMIC INTEGRITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS” with the support of the Project “Initiative of Academic Integrity – Academic Integrity – Academic Integrity and Academic Quality of Education. The meeting was attended by students and teachers of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business.

Moderator of the event: Anna Starukh, Associate Professor of Digital Economics and Business Analytics.

Given that adherence to the principles of academic integrity affects the reputation of the institution of higher education where the student studies or works as a teacher, the topic of academic integrity is quite relevant in today’s conditions and realities.

Yevhenia Moskalevych spoke at the meeting about:

  • the concept of academic integrity and stressed that integrity is one of the key tools for improving the quality of education at the University;
  • regulatory framework for academic integrity;
  • the reputation component of the free economic zone, in particular that academic integrity is equivalent to the trust and positive image of the free economic zone;
  • violations of academic integrity, such as academic plagiarism, deception, self-plagiarism, sabotage, fabrication, commissioned work, conflict of interest, passing exams by fictitious persons, and others;
  • reputational and personal development with academic integrity;
  • academic writing and information literacy as the basis for the formation of the principles of academic integrity.

In conclusion, the speaker stressed the importance of involving the student community in the dissemination of the principles of academic integrity (writing codes of honor / academic integrity). And the responsibility for maintaining the culture of academic integrity lies not only with students, but also with teachers and educational institutions.

The meeting was useful and interesting for both students and teachers. We are waiting for the next meeting with the “Initiative of Academic Integrity and Quality of Education” !!!