AI / ML-technologies in business language: practical cases of implementation from Crayon and Microsoft for students of OP “Information Technology in Business”

09.12.2021 | 07:16

December 8, 2021 Lecturers of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, Faculty of Finance and Business Management, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Shevchuk I.B., Deputat B.Ya., Zadorozhna A.V., Starukh A.I., Vaskiv O.М. and students of the Information Technology in Business educational program attended the online webinar “AI / ML Best Practices for Your Business from Crayon and Microsoft”, which was organized on the Teams platform.

The main topic of the webinar was the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for successful business. In particular, the speakers spoke about the opportunities provided by Data Science for banks and collection companies: cash flow planning, interaction with the client, optimization of tasks, building models of client behavior, predicting its bankruptcy. Equally interesting is the grouping of customers and the study of their behavior in order to build a credit model. Machine intelligence also allows you to build a strategy for working with customers, take into account changes in customer data and save them.

The webinar discussed the features of AI technology, the opportunities it provides. The results of the surveys of leading top managers on the problems that, in their opinion, can cause the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are interesting. These include data security, transparency, model management, etc.

The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the organization of production, tracking the mechanisms of production, its customer orientation is also emphasized.

Undoubtedly, it can be stated that the material presented at the webinar “AI / ML best practices for your business from Crayon and Microsoft” demonstrates the possibilities of practical use in the economy of the most promising developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

The practical cases of AI / ML-technologies implementation for different types of business and industries, in particular in the financial sector, retail, e-commerce, production, will be considered at the event. and teachers will use them in the future in covering relevant topics of training courses, in which artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, Internet of Things are considered real tools for innovative business development, business process automation, freeing human resources, reducing costs, etc.