Advanced training of teachers of the department of accounting, analysis and control on the online course “Improving teaching skills” at the Ivan Franko National University

20.07.2023 | 09:10

During April-June 2023, the teachers of the department of accounting, analysis and control Lyudmila Petryshyn and Nataliya Loboda underwent advanced training by taking a course to improve teaching skills, the purpose of which was to increase the professional level and pedagogical skills, the introduction of interactive teaching methods, the acquisition of experience in the use of information technologies and development of blended learning skills. The course was built according to a modular structure and consisted of 5 modules (6 EUTS credits – 180 hours) and was designed to help university researchers improve their knowledge of various important topics. In particular:
“The system of higher education of Ukraine. Academic integrity”;
“Soft Skills of Higher Education Teacher Competencies”;
“Information technologies in the educational process”;
“Possibilities of the teacher when using the Moodle platform”;
“Pedagogical innovations. Professional (scientific) brand of a teacher”.
The results of professional development are particularly relevant for application in the modern educational process. In particular, knowledge of creating and updating electronic training courses on the Moodle platform using the latest technologies, as well as improving training and methodical materials in accordance with the requirements of the internal system for ensuring the quality of education, etc., is valuable.
The participants of the course, after passing the test for each module, confirmed their advanced training with a certificate.