Academic Integrity in the System of Formation of a Civilized Academic Space – Educational Program «Public Administration and Business Management»

11.10.2021 | 13:34

On October 6, 2021 a meeting of the teaching staff of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management with applicants of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education majoring in 281 «Public Administration and Administration» specialization «Public Administration and Business Management» full-time and part-time training on «Academic integrity in the system of formation of a civilized academic space». Professor Borys Karpinsky gave an open lecture on this issue.An array of information on the formation of academic integrity in the educational environment both in the world and directly within the Educational Program «Public Administration and Business Management» was involved. The need to intensify measures to adhere to its civilized principles (trust, respect, honesty, responsibility, justice, courage) in the educational process, thus ensuring the quality of education and determining the prospects for the development of the nation. In particular, the generalized position of Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko in the system of formation of civilized academic space is quite concretely reflected in the inscription on the pediment of its main building: educated citizens – the decoration of the Motherland. In fact, it is educated citizens who become the basis for building a modern state and here academic integrity becomes dominant in the educational process of training managers, because through its observance at the level of the first or second levels of higher education formed a stable position on ethics and respect for intellectual property. Practically educated management community, through the manifestation and purposeful implementation of state-creative patriotism of nation in its quantitative (tax) dominance, becomes an effective expression of academic decency, and thus a synthesizing indicator of state power.Open lecture by professor Borys Karpinsky on the role of academic integrity in quality education and avoidance of various forms of plagiarism aroused interest in the form of its submission and was actively discussed both among applicants and faculty of the Educational Program «Public Administration and Business Management».