A culture of peace, tolerance and understanding: the five-day campaign “Say No to Violence” began at the Department of Financial Management

05.10.2022 | 20:28

On October 3, 2022, the Department of Financial Management launched a five-day campaign “Say No to Violence!”. This action is timed to the International Day of Nonviolence, which is celebrated worldwide on October 2, since 2007, on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. The International Day of Nonviolence was founded on the initiative of the UN General Assembly, and the idea of ​​celebrating it is to affirm the culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and nonviolence.

The action began with an interactive lecture on the topic “Toxic people”, which was conducted by a psychologist of the Psychological Service of LNU named after I. Franka, founder of UNIQUE Personality Development Academy, developer of personal development programs and trainings for Svitlana Nezabytovska.

The speaker began her lecture with the characteristics of psychological violence, interpreting it as a form of violence that includes verbal insults, threats, including against third parties, humiliation, harassment, intimidation, other actions aimed at limiting the expression of a person’s will, control in various

Later, Svitlana Nezabytovska talked about the types of psychological violence (outing, bullying, gaslighting, mobbing, stalking, etc.), taught students to identify its signs and, of course, prevent this process. However, the most interesting part of the lecture was about the “toxic people” we encounter in everyday life and after communicating with them, our mood worsens, a feeling of inferiority appears, successes no longer make the desired impression, and small failures seem like the collapse of everything. The psychologist gave recommendations on how to communicate with toxic people, namely, setting boundaries, not succumbing to provocations, focusing only on one’s own feelings, getting rid of feelings of guilt. But the most effective step is to stop relations with people who spoil your mood, make life unbearable, negatively affect you and your self-development.