21.04.2023 | 23:56

On April 20, 2023, with the assistance of the Department of Career Development and Cooperation with Business and the Department of Financial Management of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management, a meeting was held within the framework of the “Dialogue with Employers” project with representatives of state financial structures and employers’ business companies.

All participants of the meeting were greeted by the dean of the faculty Andrii Stasyshyn, who noted that such meetings are very useful for those seeking higher education, because they will be able to realistically assess their prospects and learn about professional opportunities.

Head of the department Natalia Sytnyk thanked the participants for participating in such an important event for the department. “We are interested in our graduates being competitive specialists in demand in Ukraine,” she emphasized.

The head of the department of career development and cooperation with business, Iryna Snovydovych, noted that for the department, this is an opportunity to form and improve curricula, educational programs oriented to the requirements of the labor market, and to develop a dialogue with specialized employers.

The main speakers of the “Dialogue with employers” were qualified and experienced specialists, in particular:

Ostapyshyn Zoryana – head of the personnel department of the Department of Internal Affairs and Communications of the Lviv region;

Olga Karatash – director of the finance department of the Podorozhnyk chain of pharmacies;

Maksymovich Oksana – head of the personnel department of the Western Office of the State Audit Service;

Yuriy Palaida – manager in the consulting department of PWC;

Lyubov Shynkaryova is a senior employer brand development specialist at OKKO;

Inna Stetskiv is the chief specialist of the Department of Information, Computer and Personnel Support of the Finance Department of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

The purpose of holding such meetings is to establish communication between state financial structures, the business environment and the department and applicants of the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”, “Financial Management”, in particular, and to inform them about open vacancies, professional profiles and employers’ requests for competence requirements for employees. As well as the formation of graduates of these educational programs skills necessary for successful employment, stages of competition for vacant positions in state financial structures and business companies, career development and the start of professional success.

Recommendations and wishes of practitioners regarding the structure of the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”, “Financial Management” and, in particular, their educational components will be discussed at the department meeting and taken into account when compiling them.

The coordinators of the event were:

Natalia Sytnyk – Head of the Department of Financial Management;

Iryna Snovydovych – head of the department of career development and cooperation with business of LNU named after I. Franko.

We thank all the participants for the interesting, practical information and comprehensive comprehensive answers to questions.