A charity fair was held in support of the Armed Forces

02.10.2023 | 21:26

October 2023. Our present has taken on the themes of the Second World War: night bombings, convoys of Russian military equipment on the territory of Ukraine, artillery that sows death and wipes out entire cities… In such difficult times, it is especially important to honor the feat of the military, thanks to which our Motherland maintains its independence . The mission of each of us is to support those who are currently holding the line.
On the occasion of the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, on October 2, 2023, a charity fair was held at the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of Ivan Franko Lviv National University. During the day, a wide variety of goodies were sold in the courtyard of the faculty, which were lovingly prepared or purchased by the students at their own expense.
Considering the wide range of products, including fragrant pizzas, buns, pies with fruits, fluffy cakes, exquisite cakes, Lviv pies, various types of cookies, every visitor was able to choose a delicacy “to his heart’s content”.
Not only students, but also teachers and faculty administration came to support this initiative. 38,000 hryvnias were collected by joint efforts, but the collection is still ongoing. All funds will be transferred to the Defenders of 125 separate brigades of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who faithfully and courageously defend our freedom.
However, the good deeds of the FUFB family did not end there. Some of the goodies were given to children from the “Oberig” educational and rehabilitation center.
We would like to thank each and every person who participated in the charity fair, for your activity, concern and support of our Defenders!
Our strength is in our desire to be useful to our army and Ukraine! Together to victory!