September 1, freshmen of OP “Information Technology in Business” at the walls of Franko University

01.09.2021 | 14:05

On September 1, someone celebrates and someone learns! Unambiguously for freshmen, it is marked by celebrations and dedication to students. The rest of the students enrolled in the educational program “Information Technology in Business” began to study in classrooms in the usual format.

Congratulations to our freshmen at the walls of Franko University !!! Let the training be productive and present many professional discoveries!!!

Hello. My name is Sofia Timchyshyn. And now I am officially a first-year student at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and will study in the educational program “Information Technology in Business”. I even managed to get on the budget! So why did I choose such an educational program? Everything is simple. I consider it promising !!! ITvB combines many areas: economics, IT, mathematics, marketing, management … After completing such an educational program, you will be a multifaceted employee, and, accordingly, in demand. And to get a good job after graduation, in principle, is the goal of entrants. Isn’t it?

Good day!)

I, Polina Saratovtseva, am very happy to become a student of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business (OP “Information Technology in Business”) and study, in my opinion, in the best UNIVERSITY !!!

Observing the modern world, each of us has noticed how important the role of information technology in it (even now in your arms you hold the fruit of human genius, which allows you to read this post). And every year their influence changes our lives.

No less important mechanism of regulation in society is money. We all love them, although we do not always cherish them. That is why the ability to manage them, combined with an understanding of the financial system, is highly valued in today’s labor market.

So, a year ago, at the crossroads of life, analyzing the needs of both employers and their future prospects, as well as the call of heart and soul (and not parents or friends), I realized that this is what I aspire to. The educational program “Information Technology in Business”, which combines such an important programming today, and modeling of socio-economic and business processes, immediately hit my heart. I hope that it will help me to develop and realize myself simultaneously in several directions, allowing me to choose the most attractive and interesting in the future. And the practice in cool IT companies did not leave any doubts about my choice. I believe in the best and I look forward to the school year!

Sviatoslav Vysotsky – Until recently I was a schoolboy, and today I am a student of Franko University. He chose to study the educational program “Information Technology in Business” because it is the future. Modern subjects taught by teachers of the Faculty of Financial Management and Business, including the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, will help me decide on my future profession, as well as have experience in various fields. Since I was a child, I loved computers and everything related to them. He graduated from the Small Computer Academy “IT Step”. I want to improve my skills in programming, design, modeling, as well as economics. There are very cool teachers and a friendly team. I am very glad that I chose this university and this faculty.