Accounting in budgetary institutions

Type: Normative

Department: department of accounting, analysis and control




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
632Dolbneva D. V.УФО-31с


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
616УФО-31сDolbneva D. V.

Course description


(title of the course)

regulatory discipline

(regulatory / selective)

cycle of professional and practical training of students

(cycle of disciplines in the curriculum)

Subject of the course

The subject of the course is the accounting of economic transactions that take place in the financial and economic activities of budget institutions and internal control over their implementation.

The purpose of the course

The objective of the course is to provide students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical accounting skills in budgetary institutions to fulfill their professional responsibilities according to the qualifications characteristic of the specialties.

The main tasks of the discipline

The main tasks of the discipline – students mastering the content of budget accounting, features of its organization and methodology, reporting to budgetary institutions, whose activities are carried out by budget financing.

The place of the discipline in the structural and logical scheme

The discipline “Accounting in budgetary institutions” is the normative discipline of training bachelors in accounting and taxation, and is associated with such subjects as: “Accounting (General Theory)”, “Financial Accounting”, “Public Financial Control”, ” Audit by type of activity “,” Analysis by type of activity “,” Forensic accounting “,” Organization and methodology of financial investigations “.

Requirements for knowledge and skills:

– subject and method of discipline, content of its components;

– laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine, resolutions, orders, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on the legal principles of regulation of economic activity of budgetary institutions, accounting regulations and other normative legal acts of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on the procedure of accounting and preparation of financial statements, as well as methodological documents of the ministries and other central executive bodies concerning the branch x features of application of accounting provisions (standards);

– procedure of registration of transactions with documents and organization of document circulation by sections of accounting, technology of processing of accounting information in institutions of the public sector of economy;

– the procedure for synthetic and analytical accounting of assets, capital, liabilities of budgetary institutions;

– forms and procedure of calculations, procedure of acceptance, entry on the balance sheet, storage and expenditure of funds, inventory and other values ​​of budgetary institutions;

– rules for inventorying assets and liabilities in budgetary institutions;

– system and forms of accounting, reporting and control of budgetary institutions;

b) be able to:

– apply the laws of Ukraine, other normative legal acts of Ukraine, national accounting standards in the practice of work of budgetary institutions;

– draw up primary, consolidated documents, independently carry out their accounting processing, record in the accounting registers of synthetic and analytical accounting of budgetary institutions;

– inventory assets, liabilities, draw up materials related to shortages and compensation for shortages, theft and damage to assets in budgetary institutions;

– to calculate wages according to forms and systems of remuneration, to determine the amounts of budgetary institutions’ deductions for compulsory state pension and social insurance at the current rates, the amounts of deductions from the salary to the budget of the personal income tax, contributions to mandatory state funds pension and social insurance at the current rates of withholding, to calculate sums on holidays;

– carry out settlement operations on accounts receivable, liabilities of budgetary institutions; ensure timely, full payment of taxes, collection of receivables and repayment of accounts payable, compliance with the statute of limitations by public sector institutions;

– to determine the revenues, expenditures, the result of the implementation of the budgetary institutions’ budgets for general and special funds;

– use the accounting data of budgetary institutions to prepare their financial statements;

– to monitor compliance with regulations of the public sector economy on accounting methodology and preservation and efficient use of the institution’s resources;

– use accounting information to conduct financial analysis of the institution;

– implement in the budgetary institutions the latest methodology of accounting, reporting in accordance with the requirements of a market economy;

– Automatically process accounting data using computer hardware and applications to solve professional problems.

Content of the discipline by topic

Topic 1. Organizational bases and methodology of accounting in budgetary institutions.
Topic 2. Accounting for non-financial assets.
Topic 3. Accounting for financial assets.
Topic 4. Accounting for Equity.
Topic 5. Accounting for liabilities and collateral.
Topic 6. Accounting for income, expenses and financial results.
Topic 7. Taxation of budgetary institutions.
Topic 8. Reporting by budget institutions.

Recommended Literature

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