Project under the program Jean Monnet

Project under the program Jean Monnet 575,241-EPP-1-2016-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE «The economy in European integration: internal challenges and external dimensions.”


From September 1, 2016 at the Faculty of Business and Financial Management, started a project under the program Jean Monnet 575,241-EPP-1-2016-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE «The economy in European integration: internal challenges and external dimensions.”

On January 1, 2016 the DCTFA provisions of the Association Agreement (AA) between the EU and Ukraine entered into force (with particular situation in the Netherlands). This fact opens a lot of unique opportunities for mutually beneficial economic cooperation between the parties involved. Ukraine,however, as a party to the EU integration process, experiences a number of difficulties related to the lack of sufficient knowledge about economic aspects of economic aspects of the developments in Europe.

This issue applies to Ukrainian higher education system, which to date has not yet implemented in practice uniform approaches to teaching courses on European integration. This necessitates the introduction of point measures of educational and consultative nature. In particular, this fact intensifies the importance of autonomous participation of higher education institutions during this process, which may increase the skill level of graduate students by introducing specialized professional disciplines in economics in European integration.

In Lviv University, at the Faculty of business and financial management, a short course “European integration and global issues of our time” is taught for 2nd year students. The course gives basic knowledge in its area. However, at present the domestic labor market requires the presence of professional competence in area of European integration studies among graduate economists. Thus, this poses a faculty demand – an introduction of specialized subjects in area of European integration studies as a complement to existing discipline.

According to the Jean Monnet draft program, the Department of Economic Theory will introduce new specialized discipline for the Master students “Economics of European integration: internal challenges and external dimension.” The discipline will be introduced during the second semester of the current academic year.

The advantages for students who will study the new subject are:

– Additional practical competence in the field of European integration, which can be used in future work;

– In addition to core curriculum, opportunity to listen to external speakers and business coaches with interesting programs.

– After completion of provided training, students will be awarded with a specialized certificate (both in Ukrainian and English languages) of participation in the educational project of the European Commission, which will significantly improve the prospects for education, training and employment abroad.

This project involves the introduction of a new specialized course for Master students as well as a series of additional scientific activities, such as: students’ scientific debates; round tables (with participation of representatives of students, researchers, government, business, public sector); textbook and scientific articles; final conference on the problems of research and teaching of economics in European integration.




  1. Project Coordinator – Vasyl Zelenko
  2. Academic Coordinator – Oleg Gupalo
  3. Administrative Manager – Natalia Vasilyeva
  4. Students Assistant – Roman Tsybran



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