Educational event “Significant places of Lviv”

13.04.2023 | 12:07

On April 12, 2023, Associate Professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics A. V. Zadorozhna held an educational conversation with students of the UFE-31s group of the EP “Information Technologies in Business” on the topic: “Significant places of Lviv”.

During a conversation with students:

  • the history of the emergence of the ancient settlement, and later the city of Lviv, is discussed;
  • various historical periods of the formation and development of the city are considered;
  • the main historical places of Lviv are mentioned;
  • familiarized with the manuscript “The Book of Knowledge of All Kingdoms”, where already in the 14th century the city of Lviv was depicted on the map at the same level as the city of Kyiv.

Undoubtedly, the event is important for deepening the knowledge of the students of the group about the history of Lviv and helps to strengthen their patriotic feelings.