UniWeek: communication of future applicants with higher education graduates and teachers of the EP “Information Technologies in Business”

27.10.2023 | 16:28

On October 23-27, 2023, the “UniWeek” project was implemented at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv on the initiative of the University’s Student Government as part of the UPSHIFT program with the support of UNICEF and the German government through the German state development bank KfW. This year, its participants were Daryna KOVAL, Anastasia VITIV, Anastasia ILCHYSHYN (Lviv Academic Gymnasium), Viktoria DMYTRYK (SZSH No. 68, Lviv) and Elizaveta MYRONOVA (SZSH No. 84, Lviv), who had the opportunity to attend classes in different academic disciplines together with students of higher education EP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics”.

It was a positive experience for all participants of the educational process, in particular our young guests who:

  • in the discipline “Business in social networks” (prof. Iryna SHEVCHUK) to discuss the peculiarities of writing commercial texts using copywriting formulas and using ChatGPT, changes in the reaction to such posts by subscribers of various business accounts in social networks;
  • in the discipline “Automation of business processes” (teacher Oksana VASKIV) got acquainted with the concept of a business process, its hierarchy and attributes, and were also active participants in the discussion when discussing the topic “Modern view of business process management and methods of implementing the process approach in the system and business architecture of the enterprise” and gained practical experience in building an ERP system and the Canvas business model of the enterprise;
  • in the discipline “Economics and organization of development of software products” to gain knowledge on such an issue as the calculation of the main characteristics of software products and their mutual influence (assistant professor Anna ZADOROZHNA);
  • in the discipline “Technologies of design and administration of DB and SD” (assistant professor Bohdan DEPUTAT) when revealing the topic “Displaying data from several tables. SQL Joins” participated in the study of methods of obtaining information from various structural elements of the My SQL database and modeling examples of the use of Joins in the creation of an analytical information system that would meet the business needs of Ukrainian enterprises;
  • in the discipline “Economic-mathematical modeling” (assistant professor Ihor ROMANICH) took part in the assessment of the knowledge of the students of the group, and also considered the economic formulation of the transport problem and the method of its solution using information technologies;
  • in the discipline “Operating Systems” (assistant professor Oleg YAREMA) got acquainted with the concept of “hypervisor” and using the example of Linux systems (Centos Stream 9), Mac OS Monterey, Hyper-v Windows 10 saw how to create and configure these guest systems, considered examples their practical application.

In this way, future applicants learned more about the LNU brand. Ivan Franko, prospects and advantages of studying at the Faculty of Financial Management and Business under the OP “Information Technologies in Business” specialty 051 “Economics”.