Participate in Tech Summer for Teachers Bootcamp

01.08.2021 | 10:26

From 22.06.2021 to 16.07.2021 the teacher of the department Oksana Vaskiv took a course of webinars-series of Tech Summer for Teachers Bootcamp series, which were held by SoftServe and received a certificate of workshops.

Workshop schedule:

22.06 – Experience of the IT Academy in organizing internships based on social projects.

30.06 – How do teachers keep up with the dynamic world of Big Data?

06.07 – Technological trends in the field of Healthcare. Biosense product case.

07.07 – How to keep students’ attention?

16.07 – Product Managment – an overview, trends and competencies needed for young graduates.

Together with the speakers, the participants found out how:

  • reformat or create learning environments of the future;
  • to develop students’ skills for lifelong learning;
  • use global technical and educational trends;
  • anticipate market needs and promote its development.

The acquired new knowledge will be useful in understanding the needs of employers and the formation of modern skills in applicants for higher education at the bachelor’s level of higher education for OPP “Information Technology in Business”.