Round table “Gender equality in state-building and business management”

08.12.2021 | 05:02

⠀On December 6, 2021, the Student Government of the Faculty of Financial and Business Management together with the Department of Economics and Public Administration held a round table on an important topic in society: “Gender equality in state-building and business management”. Associate professors Halyna Kaplenko and Vasyl Zelenko, together with applicants for higher education and speakers of the event, discussed and debated many aspects of the round table.

During the dialogue, participants were able to discuss issues of gender equality in relation to:

  • life;
  • appearance and opportunities for self-expression;
  • choice of speciality and profession;
  • politics;
  • characteristic financial situation and division of responsibilities between a man and a woman;
  • the difference in the number of wages for the implementation of similar working conditions;
  • the vision of the plan of education of the younger generation;
  • and, of course, thanks to this event, everyone was able to reveal their own opinion and get answers to their questions.

⠀As a result, it has been shown that gender counterbalance affects many aspects of human life today. To overcome it effectively requires:

☑Do not be afraid to talk about the problem that arises;

☑Do not be ashamed of imaginary condemnation or rejection by society (perhaps there are many more witnesses to this problem than you think);

☑ Condemn ridicule of gender inequality in society;

☑Draw the attention of government agencies and organizations to the existing problem;

☑Find the strength to move forward despite all the difficulties (to do this, try to find like-minded people; together it is easier to achieve the desired!).

⠀Our speakers were: Natalia Podvirna (Associate Professor of Economics and Public Administration, Director of the Center for Social Services Davidovska Village Council, Deputy Davidovska Village Council), Ulyana Dorosh (politician, deputy of the Lviv Regional Council of the seventh convocation, Head of the Department of Labor and Family Policy LODA, head of the Butterfly Charitable Foundation) and Olga Maksymyak (social communications specialist, coordinator of the Women’s Movement For the Future in Volyn Oblast, deputy of the Lutsk District Council of the Volyn Oblast).