04.11.2021 | 15:26

Ilona Koguch, a student of the UFO-11c group (educational program accounting, analysis and financial investigations), is a member of the Ukrainian Volunteer Service. The purpose of the organization is to form a culture of volunteering and mutual assistance in Ukraine.

Everyone can do good deeds: children, adults, companies, agencies and even whole countries, you just need to really want it and be inspired in your work.

As a representative of the Ukrainian Volunteer Service, Koguch Ilona took part in the UN Eco-Forum 2021, in the conference “UN Day 2021”, as well as in various charity events.

Koguch Ilona is the ambassador of the Biggest Lesson in the World project, a global initiative of the United Nations Children’s Fund, implemented simultaneously in 100 countries. In Ukraine, the Biggest Lesson in the World project has been implemented since 2015 in partnership with other public and youth organizations. organizations. In 2021, AIESEC in Ukraine joined the project.

“The biggest lesson in the world” helps to raise awareness of global issues, motivates to be active, take responsibility and develop leadership skills. The project ambassadors paid special attention to the 13 UN Sustainable Development Goal – Climate Change Mitigation. After all, there is no country in the world that does not experience these serious problems.

The student addresses each of us: “do not be afraid to show your kindness. As they say in the Ukrainian Volunteer Service: even one good deed can change society, country and the world for the better.

We thank Ilona and all the students who join social and charitable projects, bring good to the world and loudly declare it.