Participation of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Control in the Reporting Scientific Conference of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv for 2022

03.02.2022 | 21:10

On February 2, 2022, within the framework of the public conference, the University held a meeting of the section on appearance, analysis and control.

Were heard 9 additional proposals for the Department of Appearance, Analysis and Control of the FUFB LNU named after Ivan Franko:
1. Current trends in financial investigations of economic offenses. Professor Romaniv E.M.
2. Submissive control and direct improvement of yoga efficiency. Professor Yarema Ya.R.
3. Improved forms and methods of financial and economic control in Ukraine. Associate Professor Priymak S.V.
4. Directly reforming and assessing the system of pension security in Ukraine. Associate Professor Petrishin L.P.
5. The main direct audit of rozrakhunkiv s payment of labor. Associate Professor Goncharuk S.M.
6. Assessment of investment business – climate in Ukraine. Associate Professor Shot A.P.
7. Digitalization of small and medium-sized businesses to improve the efficiency of government activities. Associate Professor Shevtsiv L.Yu.
8. The market for leasing operations in the dynamics of coronocrisis. Associate Professor Loboda N.O.
9. Conceptual basis for the investigation of financial offenses in Ukraine. Associate Professor Dolbneva D.V.

 The conference participants noted that the current state of the national economy, the spread of its shadowing, the rapid growth of economic offenses in the financial activities of enterprises, institutions and organizations necessitate greater control over the state of accounting and reporting, financial resources.