Participation of students students UFF-33s and UFF-34s and associate professor of accounting, analysis and control in the webinar “Closing 2021 financial year for the purposes of financial reporting: a checklist for accountants.”

25.11.2021 | 20:35

In continuation of the cooperation of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Control of FUFB with practitioners and at the invitation of Associate Professor Lyudmila Petryshyn, on November 24 as part of the study course “Accounting” students UFF-33s and UFF-34s took part in a webinar
from ESCI-CONSULTING LLC on the topic “Closing of the 2021 accounting year for the purposes of compiling financial statements: a checklist for an accountant”. The program of the event included consideration of the following issues:
• Reflection in the accounting of the results of the annual inventory of assets, capital, liabilities. Quarantine due to the spread of COVID-2019 in Ukraine: features of the organization and conduct of inventory.
• Closing of the 2021 accounting year: reflection in the accounting of the results of calculation of exchange rate differences, reserves, provisions, discounting of long-term debts.
• Annual recalculation of PIT and reflection of its results in the consolidated financial statements.
• Annual recalculation of VAT: from calculations to reflection in VAT reporting and accounting.
• The main approaches to the preparation and submission of financial statements for 2021 as an appendix to the Income Tax Return.


We thank the director of the company – Inna Panchenko for an interesting and rich report. We are convinced that various online communications of students with specialists in the field of business contribute to the intensification of the process of transformation of practical information into knowledge.