Participation in the workshop “Smart community: know-how of management based on data and collective intelligence”

13.09.2021 | 00:42

09/09/2021 Associate Professor Natalia Podvirna attended a workshop “Smart community: know-how management based on data and collective intelligence.”
The workshop brought together top experts and 50 representatives of Lviv communities. Top trainers taught how to build a “smart community” and move to management 2.0 (ie based on data and collective intelligence). Innovation experts talked about how to set up e-services in small and large communities, where to start and how to develop ideas. And another statement – digitalization – is not a novelty, it is widely implemented in all countries, Ukraine is not far behind!
Such measures are necessary because they make it clear that the creation of database management will greatly simplify and improve the work of the council and increase the level of communication and effectiveness of cooperation with community residents. It is important not to form each community, but to create a community of communities.