Participation in the practice-oriented webinar “New approaches in HR: where is his button?”

20.04.2021 | 21:58

On April 9, 2021, Oksana Vaskiv, a lecturer at the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, took part in the webinar “New Approaches in HR: Where’s the Button?”.

The following issues were widely discussed at the webinar:

1. Familiar and clear tools of selection and adaptation lose their effectiveness – what is the reason?

2. Different generations in the office – risks and benefits.

3. Pandemic realities – their impact and what to do.

4. Marketing in HR – why?

5. Secrets of successful recruitment.

6. Humanization of business processes.

7. Evolution of professions – from standard through hybrid to superprofessions.

The speaker presented global mega-trends, which are defined today as global forces (technology, demography, geopolitics) that have an impact on business (digital transformation, interaction of 5 generations from different backgrounds, new flexible forms of labor relations, migration and extremely high staff mobility).

Variants of the professions of the future were also written down, which included – cryptocurrency coach; digital tailor; team manager for human work with the machine; fitness motivation advisor; virtual environment designer; lawyer in the field of robotics; digital culture commentator; technical analyst.

The speaker of the webinar was Tatiana Pashkina: HR-expert of the site; speaker of profile conferences; coach for recruiting, storytelling and employer reputation.