Information hygiene skills in the practical activities of the winners of the OP “Information technologies in business”

17.03.2024 | 16:01

Information hygiene is becoming increasingly important nowadays due to the increasing amount of information available and the speed with which it is disseminated, especially through the Internet and social media.

Among the ways to acquire information hygiene skills are: understanding information sources, critical thinking, checking facts, limiting time on the Internet, filtering information, maintaining privacy, learning the basics of digital security.

In order to achieve harmony in the consumption of information and the application of information hygiene skills in practical activities when searching, processing and analyzing information from various sources (conscious consumption and dissemination of information) by students of higher education in the ЕPP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics” Victoria TESLYUK, Iryna PANCHENKO and Serhii BUNDZYAK (UFE-21c group) completed two specialized courses on Prometheus, the largest online course platform in Ukraine.

Course “Information hygiene. How to recognize lies in social networks, on the Internet and on television” allows listeners to find out:

  • How the informational immunity of Ukrainians was destroyed and what consequences it has for the state and people;
  • About the new role of information in the digital era;
  • Who creates information viruses, how and why;
  • How they manipulate on television, online media, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Telegram, Viber, Wikipedia;
  • How to consume information safely and teach others to do so.

The course “Information Hygiene in Wartime” aims to make the trainees aware of the:

  • How is the information field formed during the active phase of the war?
  • Is there truth and where to find it? About the specifics of Ukrainian, foreign and Russian media.
  • How does classic Russian propaganda work?
  • What are information and psychological special operations and how do they work?
  • How do Russians use Telegram, insider bloggers and “good Russians” to achieve their goals?
  • What rules of information hygiene should be observed during war?

According to the results of successful completion of studies according to these courses, higher education seekers received appropriate certificates.