Local self-government and digital transformation in Ukraine

14.12.2021 | 22:46

03.11.21-04.12.21 Prof. Department of Financial Management Sytnyk N.S. and Vatamanyuk-Zelinska U.Z. passed the online course “Local Government and Digital Transformation in Ukraine”. The topics of the classes were varied. She touched upon financial issues of local self-government, organization of public activities and development of territorial communities of Ukraine in the conditions of digital transformation. Particular attention was paid to current issues related to the creation of digital infrastructure in local communities. The course program included the following topics:
03.11.2021. – “Digital Transformation in Decentralization Reform – Estonia’s Experience” (lecturer Victor Guzun);
06.11.2021. – “Websites of local governments as a powerful communication tool. Mandatory and recommended information for accommodation, participation and involvement of citizens “(teacher Alexander Solontay);
10.11.2021. – “Digital Transformation of Regions: Institutional Capacity Building” (teacher Solomiya Paslavska, Ministry of Digital Transformation);
13.11.2021. – “Open data and geographic information systems as a basis for Smart City” (teacher Julia Fedorova);
17.11.2021. – “Media literacy or how to distinguish fake from truth” (teacher: Lilia Atnazheva);
20.11.2021. – “Building a digital community. Management platforms: Smart City ”
(teacher Yulia Fedorova).
24.11.2021. – “Administrative services: offline / online” (teacher: Serhiy Romanovych);
27.11.2021. – “Monitoring of government through public procurement: Prozorro, Dozorro” (teacher: Alyona Bereza);
01.12.2021. – “Smart transport systems” (teacher: Dmitry Bespalov).
4.12.2021 – “Digital Transformation in Ukraine: from e-democracy to eHealth and e-ticket” (teacher: Yanika Merilo).
Understanding the essence, necessity and prospects of reforms in the field of local self-government, we expand our horizons and learn more about the results of unification, problems and needs of local communities, strategic planning and financing of their development and livelihood. This will improve the quality of educational services at both levels of higher education in the specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance”.