Guest lecture on “Professional ethics of accountants and auditors” for students of the 1st year of the educational program “Accounting, analysis and financial investigations”

27.04.2023 | 12:18

April 25, 2023 for students of the 1st year of the educational program “Accounting, Analysis and Financial Investigations” as part of academic cooperation and study of the discipline “Introduction to the profession” at the invitation of the leading lecturer, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Lyudmila Petryshyn, a guest lecture on the topic “Professional Ethics” was held accountants and auditors” Chizhevska Lyudmila Vitaliyivna – doctor of economics, professor of the department of information systems in management and accounting of Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University, member of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine (FPBAU), Audit Chamber of Ukraine, Union of Auditors of Ukraine, co-author of the textbook “Professional ethics of an accountant”.

The lecturer spoke about the genesis and theories of ethics; ethics in the context of corporate governance; purpose and content of the International Code of Ethics of Professional Accountants, explained with practical examples how compliance with the principles of ethics by accountants and auditors affects the process of their professional activity.

Thank you dear professor for an extremely interesting and informative lecture and we hope to expand the format of cooperation!