Acquaintance of schoolchildren with educational programs “Financial Management” and “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” was successful!

06.06.2024 | 17:23

During the semester, students of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko – Anna-Maria Stasyuk, Pavlo Koren and Diana Bilas – carried out career orientation visits to secondary schools in Lviv and the region in order to tell in more detail about obtaining higher education in the specialty 072 “Finance, banking, insurance and stock market” and, in particular, educational programs implemented by the Department of Financial Management.

The purpose of the meetings was to acquaint high school students with the educational process of the “Financial Management” and “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” educational programs. In particular, the students revealed the advantages of studying under the above-mentioned educational programs and spoke in more detail about the characteristic features of each of them, described the future prospects for graduates of the specialty 072 “Finance, banking, insurance and the stock market”, explained the essence of the constituent components of the educational programs, and also justified the necessary requirements for successful career growth in the above-mentioned directions.

The next block of meetings was devoted to the demonstration of a wide range of activities, traditions and events that are an integral part of student life while studying. The students also learned about the study and internship opportunities abroad offered to our students by the Erasmus+ academic mobility program.

The senior students were also presented with the structure of student self-government and the results of the activities of the committees of the Student Council in the educational, cultural, informational, sports and charitable spheres.

At the end of the meeting, a thematic interactive session was held for schoolchildren. High school students had the opportunity to take part in a specially designed test and assess their level of financial literacy. Based on the results of the test, an informative discussion took place, thanks to which the students gained interesting knowledge and learned useful tips related to the field of finance.

Representatives of specialty 072 “Finance, banking, insurance and stock market” are sincerely glad to meet high school students of 13 educational institutions in Lviv and the region:

  1. Secondary comprehensive school No. 65, Lviv
  2. The reference institution Rudky secondary comprehensive school of grades I-III named after Volodymyr Zherebny of the Sambir district of the Lviv region
  3. Ulyana Kravchenko Bibrka Lyceum of Bibrka City Council, Lviv District, Lviv Region
  4. Secondary comprehensive school of grades I-III No. 78, Lviv
  5. Secondary comprehensive school No. 60, Lviv
  6. Secondary comprehensive school No. 30, Lviv
  7. Lyceum named after Ivan Pulyu of the Lviv City Council
  8. Secondary comprehensive school No. 99, Lviv
  9. Lyceum No. 93 of the Lviv City Council
  10. Ivano-Frankivsk ZZSO of the I-III degrees named after Ivan Franko of the Ivano-Frankivsk settlement council
  11. Lyceum No. 18 of the Lviv City Council
  12. Secondary comprehensive school of grades I-III No. 29, Lviv
  13. Secondary comprehensive school No. 42, Lviv

Thank you for the meeting, cooperation and valuable exchange of experience!