Participation in the training forum “Digital Transformations in Education, Business, IT and Culture”

26.03.2021 | 16:02

March 25, 2021 teachers of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics Shevchuk IB, Vaskiv OM, Zadorozhna AV attended the forum-training “Digital Transformations in Education, Business, IT and Culture”. The issues raised at the online forum lie in the plane of digitalization of all spheres of life in Ukraine. Considerable attention was paid to the National Economic Strategy 2030, in particular, the problems of digitalization, entrepreneurship, balanced regional development and the “green” course of the country. Ukraine’s achievements in the field of digitalization of the economy, education, etc., Ukraine’s place in the world according to the UN e-participation index were discussed. The concept of development of digital competencies until 2025 is considered. The problems of digitalization and ways to solve them are emphasized.