Visiting the exhibition of war artifacts “Yard of Military Victory” by students of UFF-22c and UFF-35c groups

30.05.2024 | 19:53

On May 28, 2024, students of the groups UFF-22 s (advisor – Ph.D., Assoc. Blaschuk – Devyatkina N.Z. ) and UFF-35 s (advisor – Ph.D., Assoc. Smolinska S.D.) visited the exhibition of war artifacts “The Yard of Military Victory”. The purpose of the event was not only a demonstration of military equipment, but also a charity collection of funds, which will be directed to the production of meat jerky for our military graduates.
The biggest exhibit of the exhibition is the buggy. Due to their versatility, simplicity and mobility, buggies increase the combat capabilities of troops, perform tasks where the use of tanks, BMPs, armored personnel carriers is impractical or excessive. This buggy witnessed many heroic moments, including the liberation of cities and the rescue of our wounded soldiers. However, at the moment of heavy fighting, under the fire of the occupiers, he suffered irreversible injuries.

The exhibition also features the Kh-55 Soviet strategic aviation cruise missile, shell tubes, a Javelin tube, part of the Russian Geran-3 UAV, part of missile ammunition, shell casings, part of the BM-21 Grad missile, and more.
In total, 125,650 hryvnias were collected at the event, which will be used for the purchase of FPV drones for the Support Center of 125 separate brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Students of the faculty also joined the fundraising. Together to victory!