Deepening of cooperation with GS “OSA Ukraine” (Odoo Community Association) in the framework of practical training of higher education applicants for OP “Information Technology in Business”

18.11.2021 | 11:45

On November 16, 2021, the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics on the MS Teams platform organized a meeting to discuss areas of deepening cooperation with GS “OSA Ukraine” (Odoo Community Association).

The meeting was attended by a representative of GS “OSA Ukraine” (Odoo Community Association) Olesya Shevchuk, guarantors of educational programs “Information Technology in Business” training for bachelors (Ph.D., associate professor Stadnyk Y.A.) and masters (Doctor of Economics, Professor Shevchuk I.B.) in the specialty 051 “Economics”, teaching staff of the department, applicants for higher education.

A wide range of issues was discussed. In particular, students were acquainted with the existing procedure for improving educational and professional programs (OPP), the need and mechanisms of their influence with employers on this process, the prospects for further development of OPP, according to which they study.

Students, in turn, shared their impressions of studying in the educational program, including during distance learning, expressed their views on possible ways to improve the educational process and praised the opportunity given to them by OSO Ukraine (Odoo Community Association) to practice working with Bjet system (a comprehensive cloud solution for business development and management), developed on the basis of the Odoo platform, in laboratory classes on the subject “Business Process Automation” (author of the course Oksana Vaskiv).

In the process of such interaction of stakeholders, the following areas were outlined to deepen the cooperation of the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics with GS “OSA Ukraine” (Odoo Community Association):

  • acquaintance, discussion, introduction of offers at improvement of educational programs and curricula of preparation of bachelors and masters of a specialty 051 “Economics”;
  • improving the content of the educational component of the program “Business Process Automation” with special attention to the study of the Bjet system and other modules developed on the basis of the Odoo platform;
  • Involvement of representatives of the Odoo community as mentors in laboratory and practical classes;
  • teacher training;
  • passing of industrial practice by applicants of higher education;
  • participation in assessing the quality of knowledge of higher education seekers in conducting state certification;
  • ensuring academic integrity.

We thank all participants for a fruitful meeting, the results of which will positively affect the further improvement of educational and professional programs “Information Technology in Business” of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education.