Educational tour of higher education graduates of the “Information Technologies in Business” OPP in the courtyard of the Faculty of Geography of LNU named after Ivan Franko

10.06.2024 | 09:30

On June 5, 2024, higher education students of the Information Technologies in Business OPP (UFE-31c, academic group advisor Professor Iryna SHEVCHUK) had a cognitive tour of the courtyard of the Faculty of Geography of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University.

During the excursion, the students visited the exhibition “The Yard of Military Victory”, paid tribute to the Hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Ihor Kostenko, and saw a monument that can be… tried on.

Charity exhibition of artifacts of the Russian-Ukrainian war “Yard of Military Victory” (opening took place on May 28, 2024). The collection includes artifacts of war collected by volunteers from various areas of warfare on the territory of the frontline cities of Ukraine – Kherson, Balaklia, Bakhmut, Zaporizhzhia, etc., among which there are buggies, the Soviet strategic aviation cruise missile Kh-55, shell casings, a Javelin casing , a part of the Russian Geran-3 UAV, a part of missile ammunition, projectile casings, a part of the BM-21 “Grad” missile and others.

Within the framework of the exhibition, a charity collection was organized, the funds from which will be directed to the production of meat jerky for military graduates of the University.

Bust of the Hero of Ukraine, the Hero of the Heavenly Hundred – Ihor Kostenko (installed on February 20, 2018). Ihor Kostenko, a student of the Faculty of Geography of Lviv University, died on February 20, 2014, during a confrontation in the center of Kyiv. His body was found near the October Palace on Instytutska Street. He stood up for truth, democracy and freedom…

Ihor Kostenko became the first Ukrainian to receive the “Wikipedist of the Year” award, which is awarded for the greatest achievements of editors and authors of the online publication. After all, he actively contributed to the Ukrainian Wikipedia, and in two and a half years he wrote more than 280 articles and made more than 1,600 edits. He also promoted the editing of Ukrainian Wikipedia in social networks through a self-created group of Ukrainian Wikipedia correspondents on Facebook.

Lviv is so unique and original that there was even a place for such a strange monument as a tourist backpack (installed on May 14, 2012). You can … carry it on your shoulders! The monument was included in the Book of Records of Ukraine as the first monument to a shoulder bag in Ukraine. Shoulder bag is a symbol of the desire for FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.

We have changed, the world has changed, and simply pretending that nothing is happening, returning to the previous life, will not work. We face a huge, extremely difficult task: to rethink the expositions in the courtyard of the Faculty of Geography, rethink our history and do everything for the VICTORY OF UKRAINE.