Participation of the Department of Financial Management in the Reporting Conference

08.02.2022 | 17:22

On February 7-8, 2022, working sessions of the sections of the reporting conference took place, which is traditionally held annually at the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. During the two meetings, a wide range of issues related to the reform and modernization of Ukraine’s financial system, trends and priorities for its development were discussed. Research of the teaching staff of the department is carried out in the framework of the eponymous scientific topic №0121U110244 (2021-2025), head of prof. Sitnik NS Reports were presented at the conference:
1. Administrative and financial decentralization in Ukraine: regulatory and legal aspect. Prof. Sytnyk N.S.
2. The state of financing of youth construction in Ukraine. Assoc. Blaschuk-Devyatkina N.Z.
3. Financial support of infrastructural projects of development of territories. Prof. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska U.Z.
4. Use of project management tools in the process of strategic management of customs authorities. Assoc. Golynskyi Yu.O.
5. Preventive restructuring as a tool to protect business in crisis situations. Assoc. Grynchyshyn Ya.M.
6. Trends in world trade in the Covid-19 pandemic. Assoc. Dubyk V.Ya.
7. Reputational losses: dangers and possibilities of avoidance. Assoc. Zavalnytska N.B.
8. Problems of formation and expansion of fiscal space of territorial communities. Assoc. Zakhidna O.R.
9. Restructuring of Ukraine’s external debt during the pandemic. Assoc. Klepanchuk O.Yu.
10. External public debt of Ukraine: the current state and opportunities for its reduction. Assoc. Kruglyakova V.V.
11. Applied aspects of digitalization of the system of financial relations. Assoc. Nazarkevych I.B.
12. Some aspects of the regulation of the national insurance market. Assoc. Popovych D.V.
13. Risks of banking in conditions of economic instability. Assoc. Petyk L.O.
14. Features of branding in business. Assoc. Smolinska S.D.
15. Modernization of the financial market of Ukraine in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Assoc. Tataryn N.B.
16. Instruments of regional development: the EU experience for Ukraine. Assoc. Sych O.A.
17. Risk management of fintech companies. Assoc. Sloboda L.Ya.
18. Financial mechanism of small and medium business development in Ukraine. Prof. Shushkova Yu.V.
19. Financial condition of small enterprises in Ukraine: problems, trends, prospects. Assoc. Yasinovska I.F.