11.06.2024 | 23:37

With the support of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, on June 7, 2024, the IV All-Ukrainian Forum of Forensic Experts “Forensic Expert Activities: Preservation of Scientific and Personnel Potential in Martial Law” was held in Lviv. The participants of the forum were representatives of the authorities and judges, the honorary consul of the Republic of Lithuania, forensic experts, lawyers, representatives of scientific research institutes, NABU, SBI and others.
The main purpose of the forum is to conduct an analysis of the prospects for the development of forensic expert activity and the training and support of personnel in the conditions of the legal regime of martial law.
Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Serhii ROZUMNYI addressed the participants of the forum with welcoming words, stressing that “in the conditions of modern challenges and threats, forensic expert activity acquires special importance for ensuring justice and stability of our society”.
The event was divided into several panel discussions, where meaningful reports on current topics were announced, in which the issues of preserving and developing the personnel potential of the field of forensic examination in the conditions of martial law were raised; forensic expert activity under martial law conditions; the issue of the expert’s participation in executive proceedings as a guarantee of the protection of individual rights; forensic expert model of Ukraine: concepts and main characteristics and others.

Doctor of Economics, senior researcher of the Laboratory of Commodity and Economic Research, Lviv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Assoc. Department of Accounting, Control, Analysis and Taxation of LTEU Odarka CHABANYUK and Doctor of Economics, Assoc. Department of Accounting, Analysis and Control LNU named after I.Franka Nataliya LOBODA took part with the report: “Directions of personnel training in expert activity”, noting that “for the implementation of expert activity, the provision of professionals in this field is a necessary factor. It is extremely important at the moment, during a full-scale invasion, when the number of expert investigations is increasing immeasurably, and some experts volunteered for the war, defending the Motherland from invaders, some became internally displaced persons, some left Ukraine due to military actions. Financial investigations occupy a central place in the investigation of economic crimes and play an important role in prevention, prevention and detection of offenses in the economic sphere. The involvement of highly qualified specialists in financial investigations should be a guarantee of the effective functioning of the Economic Security Bureau as well as of the state as a whole. Therefore, educational institutions should carry out personnel training in a dynamic direction.”
Such events are extremely important for the exchange of experience, the generation of new approaches and solutions that will contribute to the strengthening of the forensic field.
We express our sincere gratitude to the organizers for conducting a scientific and practical event at a high professional level and wish the team of the Dnipropetrovsk Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine new professional achievements!!!