Meeting with employers of higher education students majoring in 281 Public Management and Administration

23.09.2021 | 17:43

22/09/2021 applicants for higher education of the first (bachelor’s) level met with a representative of employers. Oksana Oprisko – Senior HR Business Partner, People Development at GlobalLogic. Lecture topic: “Personal brand of HR-manager in an IT company”.
People are the greatest value for organizations and the driving force. That is why the main tasks of HR-manager: to involve “those” people in the organization, correctly assess the competencies and potential of employees, be able to analyze and predict the development of a particular employee, select the best training for professional development, maintain a comfortable climate and many other interesting tasks.

At the lecture, higher education students heard about career prospects, how to form their brand and, of course, what a qualified professional should know and be able to do.

We summed up after the lecture. What should a modern HR manager look like?
First, it should be easy with people. People, in turn, should be easy with it. Communication should not be a burden, because you have to talk a lot. Employees need to be able to listen, evaluate the characteristics of their behaviour, be able to predict professional success, sometimes advise something and set up for success.
Second, these professionals must be good managers. Because staff need to be managed, decisions must be made.

Third, this specialist must be professionally mobile and constantly engaged in self-development. The HR manager has a wide range of responsibilities: he not only reads the questionnaires and conducts competitive selection, but also deals with staff certification, training and refresher courses. When to send a team to team building, what motivation is better to use, how to keep a creative and positive atmosphere in the team – all these are the direct responsibilities of a professional HR manager.