Educational event “Healthy youth – a healthy nation!”

22.03.2021 | 18:43

“The first step to happiness is health”


On March 22, 2021, an educational event was held on the topic “Healthy youth – a healthy nation!” for students of the UFF-44s group.

The purpose of the event is to discuss the dependence of human health on social, climatic conditions, external factors, the impact of bad habits; to motivate the desire to take care of your health as the most valuable treasure, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Iryna Havretska, a student of the group, expressed her opinion on the importance and ways to preserve the health of a young person. During the conversation, Iryna Yasinovska, PhD, associate professor of the Department of Financial Management, and students discussed the components of a healthy lifestyle and the factors on which human health depends.

A healthy lifestyle is an integral part of a person’s physical health. To adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle or not – always depends on a more or less conscious choice of man.

Emphasis was also placed on certain problematic aspects of maintaining health in the context of the David-19 pandemic, as quarantine has significantly changed our lives. Psychologically, this requires a significant readjustment, which in turn is accompanied by the expenditure of energy, strength, the need to adapt to new conditions.

It was concluded that making an informed decision to lead a healthy lifestyle should be timely and extremely important for the happiness and success of a young person in the future.